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Share Information and Collaborate with Colleagues with Microsoft SharePoint Solutions

Microsoft Office SharePoint service is an integrated suite of server capabilities that help improve organizational effectiveness by facilitating the sharing of information across all intranet, extranet and web applications. Rather than relying on different, fragmented systems, SharePoint service provides comprehensive content management…maximizing efficiency within the organization.

Streamline everyday business processes with centralized access to critical business info

SharePoint web services go a long way in helping firms streamline their business processes…innovative workflows enable users to conduct common business activities like document review and approval, issue tracking and signature collection. And Office SharePoint services integrate with well known Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, simplifying the user’s experience.

Interactive business intelligence portals are easily created by SharePoint consultants – these portals assemble and display information from various sources and provide a central location for users to find spreadsheets, reports and key performance indicators.

Provide comprehensive control over an entire electronic document’s life cycle

In one central place, SharePoint web service creates the ability to store, manage and access documents – anything from email messages to pdfs to web pages – across an entire organization. Users will always have a consistent mechanism to navigate and find information. Settings are easily modified to add work flow, define retention policies and add new content types.

SharePoint service also keeps documents secure – administrators can define customizable document management policies, control access rights, specify retention times, disposal procedures, track where content is going and who is looking at it through document-auditing settings. These features integrate with common desktop features to make compliance easy and transparent.

Without coding any custom applications, SharePoint web service also makes it possible to accurately collect security enhanced information – that in turn is easily integrated into line-of-business systems. From there, the information can be stored in a database, used to start workflow processes or be submitted to Web services, which helps avoid duplication and costly errors resulting from old fashioned manual data entry.

Microsoft SharePoint service provides simplified web content management

Easy-to-use functionality of SharePoint web service allows users to easily create, approve and publish web content…reusable templates from master pages and page layouts provide a uniform look and feel…also, new functionality provided by SharePoint enables users to publish content from one area to another - cost-effectively managing delivery of content in different languages to multiple intranet, extranet and Internet sites.

Personalize user’s experience and allow IT staff to focus more on substantial issues

Windows SharePoint service is also easy to personalize – My Sites web platform on SharePoint allows users to give the utility the look and feel that makes them comfortable and more productive. Additionally, users can choose how much information they want displayed to others – things like skills, colleagues, managers, groups, distribution lists and active documents… to top it all, the My Sites web utility means users can access the system anytime, anywhere – just another perk employees will surely appreciate.

IT staff will also be freed from many mundane tasks that consume much of their time – things like managing a web server, posting new web content or synchronization across different sites will be made much easier with SharePoint web services. Other features of SharePoint allow individual users to do things (i.e. define security parameters) usually reserved to IT staff, freeing them up to work on more substantive issues.

Microsoft SharePoint service is one option that can help your company function at maximum effectiveness. Bookmark and check back often for more in-depth information on SharePoint and other information technology issues.



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