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Obtain SharePoint Services for a Fraction of the Cost

SharePoint web services enables your small business to share information and collaborate with colleagues without a large up-front investment

Have you been considering implementing Microsoft SharePoint or some other IT platform to make your business function more effectively?

If you’re like most small businesses however, the sheer expense to purchase and fully implement SharePoint solutions can be the primary barrier to experiencing the benefits of centralizing access to business information.

Hosted SharePoint services from a certified hosting company alleviates financial barriers

Small businesses with limited financial resources can now benefit from Microsoft SharePoint without committing the massive resources necessary to purchase the software and server, set it all up and pay an IT person to maintain it.

Not only do you need to purchase software, but the infrastructure to make it all work as well. It all adds up to thousands of dollars – certainly a rare commodity for a fledgling small business.

SharePoint web services are available for nominal monthly fees depending on your needs. This article isn’t intended to refer you to specific service providers but briefly outline things you should be aware of when researching SharePoint web service firms.

Microsoft certification is the most vital criteria of selecting a SharePoint service provider

Much like the operating system and programs for your computer, piracy is a serious concern for Microsoft SharePoint. Verify the SharePoint services company has at minimum obtained the Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) from Microsoft.

The SPLA enables an IT hosting company to provide SharePoint services to you at predictable monthly rates and eliminates the need for your small business to go through the complicated licensing process.

Companies without a SPLA are not licensed to use or distribute Microsoft’s software products and are in violation of copyrights and subject to prosecution. Involving yourself with a firm using pirated software opens you up to at least a disruption of services and quite possibly disastrous legal problems.

Only pay for what you need and adjust accordingly

Most SharePoint web services base their monthly service charge on several factors. Consult with their SharePoint consultants along with your own employees to determine the right level of service for you.

Plans are categorized primarily by the number of users and server space required. For example, a basic level of SharePoint service allows up to 100 users and 500 megabytes of server space. More elaborate packages allow for unlimited users and up to 20 gigabytes of storage space.

Some include a domain name in their basic packages while others provide that as an add-on.

Find certified Microsoft SharePoint services in your area and check back soon with the information technology knowledge center to learn more on how you can harness SharePoint to share information and function more effectively.


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