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�Gold Certification� Represents Microsoft's Highest Competency and Expertise

If you're trying to develop sound IT practices for your company � whether it's through implementing the BizTalk server or adopting certain EDI standards to manage your company's complex operations � you want people who are well trained and capable of effectively addressing your particular situation.

Sifting through the dozens of BizTalk server and business integration consultants out there, you are likely to find that each posses different levels of expertise and certification.

Much like other software developers, Microsoft provides training and certification for its wide ranging set of products. If a developer or IT professional desires to work within the Windows and .NET frameworks, they can obtain hands-on training directly from Microsoft to develop their skills.

Microsoft offers �competency� certifications for a wide-range of Microsoft products that cover everything from networking to security and data management.

In order for you to understand how Microsoft Gold Certified professionals can benefit your business, you have to understand what �gold certification� means in relation to other certifications the company provides.

Standard Certification vs. Microsoft Gold Certification

Gold certification from Microsoft represents the highest level of certification the company offers. Technicians who complete this training are held to the highest standard and possess specialized skills that can help you get the most from your IT investment.

Standard certification doesn't require as much hands-on experience as gold certification and while this basic certification does indicate some expertise, it doesn't include as many benefits as gold certification.

One of the key differences between the two � a developer is required to obtain at least one �competency� from Microsoft in order to receive gold certification while standard certification doesn't require any. Gold certification applicants must provide Microsoft with real-world references from prior clients. Therefore, a person has to already have a certain level of real world experience to obtain gold certification.

In addition to this important difference, BizTalk consultants who are gold certified enjoy exclusive access to premier Microsoft learning resources and one-on-one communication with representatives at the company itself. Microsoft's exclusive network allows gold partners to network with each other.

Gold certification applicants are provided customized learning solutions from Microsoft for a wide array of Windows and .NET systems. Students can obtain training in the following:

•  Learning plans

•  Learning management tools

•  Project-based skills assessment

•  Classroom and online training delivery

How can I find an IT consultant that's gold certified?

Probably the best way to locate a BizTalk server and business integration consultant is to go to Microsoft's Gold Partner Directory and locate a consultant close to your location. Come up with a list of three or four different consultants and investigate further.

You can find their website and see how professional and knowledgeable they are from that and you can find out who they've done work for in the past and contact that company for a recommendation.

You will no doubt enjoy having the expertise of some the best and brightest minds in the IT profession in your corner as you try to integrate your business processes and grow your company.

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