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Automate Business Processes with BizTalk Microsoft

Integrate existing business software applications for seamless information sharing and process automation with the BizTalk server

Most businesses today, whether large or small, depend on software applications to operate and grow. Many of those application however were probably developed at different times using different platforms and technologies…making them work together is a major challenge in maintaining and building efficiency within the organization.

A central integration platform helps address this challenge – tying together various programs to allow automation of business processes and information sharing requires the particular server technology to be able to do several things, including:

  • Utilize a range of approaches like web, file sharing, message queing and the like to connect diverse software applications
  • Implement centralized logic among all software applications to support executing of automated processes
  • Support industry standards for cross-organizational interactions – enable file and information sharing with trading partners
  • Provide a central place for IT staff to monitor business processes

The BizTalk Microsoft server is built to handle these tasks…but it’s useful to divide the problem of creating more effective business processes into three general areas: enterprise application integration, business-to-business integration and business process management.

Enterprise application integration - the process of connecting software application within a single organization, which is becoming more service oriented as more organizations move toward service oriented architecture (SOA).

Connecting computer applications across different organizations, referred to as business-to-business integration (B2B), is the second general area of the problem BizTalk’s server address.And the third, BizTalk Microsoft supports holistic approach to business process automation, or what’s known as business process management.

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