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1. ERP Training Stinks
Malcolm Wheatley, CIO Magazine June 1, 2000. As ERP implementations falter and fail, many people think the answer is more training. They're wrong.

2. What is ERP
Derek Slater, CNN, May 28, 1999. Discusses ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, a software system that aims to serve as a backbone for your whole business (from CIO).

3. Avoiding Buyer's Remorse
Samuel Greengard, Business Finance Magazine, November, 2000. There are substantial advantages to outsourcing enterprise applications, including ERP software and this article discusses the benefits.

4. Application Service Provisioning Abstract - September 1, 2000
The globalized, digital economy is placing new demands on enterprises to become faster and more efficient at the management of information, even while the enterprise becomes ever more extended and...

5. The ABCs of ERP.
The ABCs of ERP. Compiled from reports by Christopher Koch, Derek Slater and E. Baatz

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