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Biz Talk

�Gold Certification� Represents Microsoft's Highest Competency and Expertise (05/17/2010)
If you're trying to develop sound IT practices for your company � whether it's through implementing the BizTalk server or adopting certain EDI standards to manage your company's complex operations � you want people who are well trained and capable of effectively addressing your particular situation.

BizTalk Microsoft Orchestration – What Does One Look Like? (05/11/2009)
Orchestrations create business processes graphically, using different symbols and shapes...

Processing and Translating Messages – How the BizTalk Microsoft Server Moves Requests Between Different Applications (05/11/2009)
After a message is received by a a BizTalk adapter in the BizTalk, it goes through two other steps in the receive port before being sent to a message box for orchestration. Likewise, a processed orchestration is sent through two steps in the send port before the adapter sends it to the other application...

Defining Business Processes – How a BizTalk Orchestration Makes Defining Process Logic Easy (05/07/2009)
Communication between different systems is essential to automating business processes, which is the core problem BizTalk services help address. Many applications require a way to define and execute process logic, which is what BizTalk orchestrations help do...

BizTalk 2006 Adapters - Making Interoperability a Reality (04/23/2009)
Adapters are the fundamental building blocks Microsoft BizTalk 2006 uses to communicate between different applications – they send and receive messages to and from the BizTalk server to particular applications...

Automate Business Processes with Microsoft BizTalk Server (04/15/2009)
Most businesses today, whether large or small, depend on software applications to operate and grow. Many of those application however were probably developed at different times using different platforms and technologies…making them work together is a major challenge in maintaining and building efficiency within the organization...

How the Microsoft BizTalk Server Makes Business Processes Work More Efficiently (04/20/2009)
Fundamentally speaking, the BizTalk 2006 server interconnects various IT systems and streamlines business processes… it’s essential for managers and IT staff to understand the basics of how the various systems are connected together...

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI Standards in the Healthcare Industry – a Vital Part of Today’s Healthcare System (9/16/09)
One industry where electronic data interchange (EDI) plays a vital role is in healthcare. Uniform standards across the industry are used in processing payments from private and government sponsored health insurance providers to healthcare providers...

Uniform Standards Assures EDI Solutions Effectively Exchange Information between Computer Systems (6/19/09)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a critical part of operating a business in today’s globalized, interconnected economy. Seamless electronic exchange of business information with suppliers, vendors and customers is an absolute necessity for your company to maintain competiveness...

Electronic Data Interchange – The Fundamentals of Business Data Exchange (4/29/09)
Ever wonder about the inner workings of how information flows from one place to another? As the world becomes more interconnected through computers and Internet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) plays a more critical role in our lives...

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Effectively Harness SOA and Improve Business Processes with a SOA Governance Plan (6/30/09)
Creating a new SOA service may seem like an easy goal to accomplish. You have an idea that will further automate a particular process at your company, which you hope will make things function more effectively...

Defining Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies (04/15/2009)
Service oriented architecture, or SOA is a term that’s been increasingly used in recent times in the world of information technology – but what is it?


Obtain SharePoint Services for a Fraction of the Cost (7/15/09)
Have you been considering implementing Microsoft SharePoint or some other IT platform to make your business function more effectively? If you’re like most small businesses however, the sheer expense to purchase and fully implement SharePoint solutions can be the primary barrier to experiencing the benefits of centralizing access to business information...

Build Effective Document and Content Management Solutions with this 10-Point SharePoint Governance Plan (6/04/90)
While SharePoint has its ease-of-use reputation, it is not an easy “out-of-the-box” solution to achieving organizational effectiveness. Many organizations that simply purchase the software grossly underestimate the amount of tooling needed to make SharePoint work effectively for their organization, potentially causing time consuming and expensive errors...

Share Information and Collaborate with Colleagues with Microsoft SharePoint (4/16/09)
Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 is an integrated suite of server capabilities that help improve organizational effectiveness by facilitating the sharing of information across all intranet, extranet and web applications...







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